You are Vigil, the King’s Guard, and Protectors of the secrets of Chateau White Rock.

Fabulous Secrets were revealed to you the day you wandered the cliffs of the Blak Ocean and cried, “By the Lore of the Ancients…WE HAVE THE ANSWERS!” Upon the cliffs appeared Chateau White Rock, and you became…L.I.B.E.R. THE MOST POWERFUL EXPLORERS IN THE 9TH WORLD!

Only two others share this secret, your allies Queen Ezmeria and The Oracle. Together you protect Chateau White Rock from…the evil minions of Abügus, The Barbalok!


L.I.B.E.R. and the Masters of the 9th World, is a Numenera campaign, heavily inspired by Savage Sci-fi, most notably He-Man. While not strictly a “parody” campaign it is designed to be episodic, light-hearted, and fun. There will be little to no over arching plot and will be presented primarily in “Episodes.”

Like He-Man, however, each episode will be focused on finding or preventing the use of some ancient artifact (numenera). Mostly likely by Abügus or some minion as a means of trying to gain access to Chateau White Rock, as ya do.

L.I.B.E.R. and the Masters of the 9th World

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